Into An Unending Now

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Written by Arthur Turfa
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Into An Unending Now


While gazing at the water

absorbed in my own thoughts,

a voice calls my name, clear

and lovely as a thousand chimes

each caressed by a gentle breeze,

a whisper reaching a crescendo.


My eyes turn to the green field’s

edge, where begins the grove,

Her smile like sunlight, she

calls again. Her eyes dancing

and shining upon my approach.


Everything once lost restored,

every care converted into joy.

In our embrace every moment

past, every moment to come

melts into an unending now.


© 2016 Arthur Turfa, Batesburg U.S.A.


This poem will appear in Saluda Reflections, coming in June 2018 from Finishing Line Press.



Arthur Turfa lives in South Carolina, but his poetry reflects the many places where he has lived or traveled.  His next book, Saluda Reflections, comes out from Finishing Line Press in June 2018. He has two other books of published poetry.