Buffalo Storm


Dark, thick-browed and wooly;

two herds of opposing

Buffalo Clouds - stampede!

One from chilly North winds.

One from steamy South heat.

Drumming hoofbeats - charging,

electrify the air!

Colliding in a mass

circle of confusion

when zagged lightning stabs,

as a spear through their core,

piercing the drought-cracked land!

Crazed in their rage and pain;

a combined band - thunders,

rolling in agony,

a whirlwind - bellowing,

churning across the plain;

raising Cain's Dust Devils!

The sky begins to cry;

smog tainted raindrop tears

- falling like beads of blood
  drunk by a thirsty Earth
- belching pitted puddles
  forming into a flood
rushing river of mud.

Buffalo Storm moves on

to the far horizon;

grumbling its disdain,

as a double rainbow

arcs, brightly, in the rain

of a clearing blue sky

over a sated prairie.

© James Dean Chase, United States

James Dean Chase is a Mixed Anglo/Native American Indian who was born and raised in Texas, U. S. A.. He has traveled "the seven seas" and then some, during the six years he spent in the American Navy. James has been writing since the age of 5. Incidentally, all of his writings before age 16 (and a few after) were misplaced, lost, "accidently" destroyed or stolen (usually, by teachers). He has had letters, articles, newspaper/newsletter columns, poetry and short stories published. He is an award winning poet. He has also written a few songs and one-act plays. James is also an artist, who has sold a few of his paintings at sporadic artistic intervals.