Can You Feel It

Category: Friends in Poetry
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Written by Darryl E Holmes
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Can You Feel It

As I looked into your eyes
I saw the look of a prior commitment

the fear of loss once again
but you gave me your heart

as I touched your mind
you began to relax
as the pleasure moved our spirits

your body, you were intrigued
by the touch of my soul
we drifted into the pleasures
of our minds to release desire

the passion of my life
touch your body
like never before
so you gave into it

this need for love
resonated with me
to what extent the time
and effort allowed us

you are my dream
my fantasy come true
can I be judged

the same way
with the same feeling
when I was waiting
the moment we met

to this day, my mind
reaches out to you
and the connection

that was made
cannot be broken

just remember
that I was the one
who looked deep into your mind
trusted your soul
captured your heart
and touched your body
like no one has ever done before
Can you feel it!

© Darryl E Holmes, Kansas City - United States