Two Roads

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Written by Gert W. Knop
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I stood near two roads in a summerly forest

and could not decide.

Which one should I take?

I did not know.

So I stood first in silence and listened to birds,

looked up to the sky,

how happy it sounds,

and the sun was burning my face.

I stood there for long,

let my eyes wander,

looked along the roads,

first one, then the other.

The roads seemed would meet,

but I was not sure,

remained silently first

and listened to birdsongs.

The roads in front were bathed in sunlight,

both looked the same,

but they were not.

One had clear signs

of hiking boots, of trodden down grass,

the other was in fresh green,

surrounded by birches and oaks.

Now my decision was suddenly clear.

How could I have doubted before?

The more traveled was the one to follow,

but weird,

I could hardly realize,

the longer I stood there in silence.

It even seemed

that the other road was not to see anymore,

and suddenly disappeared before my eyes

like a Fata Morgana

on desert sand


© Gert Knop, Zittau - Germany



Gert W. Knop was born in 1943, studied arts and tropical agriculture and is now living in Zittau, Germany. He writes poetry and short stories in German, English and Spanish.