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Written by Alberto Quero
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Prayers of the Anxious One  (1)


Grant me, O Lord, the gift of forgetfulness, of renunciation and remoteness.

Bless me with the amplest transparency, the most ubiquitous,

with what postpones and substitutes,

with all that flows in silence and is remote as a sundown.

Allow me to go back, as in my dreams,

to those temples, transparent and aerial,

full of indecipherable codices before the eyes of the profane,

so that I can be anointed as a knight and a hermit.

For thine is the kingdom, and the stairs that ascend towards the night,

towards the star that seals my real essence,

thine is the amethyst which I have built my secret talisman with

and the triangle I draw with a shaky and expectant hand.


Eternal rest grant unto me, O Lord

in this life and the next,

world without end.


© Alberto Quero


1) This text was published, in Italian and Spanish, on Progetto Sette Lune, (2016, No. 14), a website directed by

poets Silvia Favaretto and Daniele Rubin. (www.progetto7lune.it) The English version has never been published.