It Was the Same (Translated by Artur Komoter)

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Written by Eliza Segiet
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There will no longer be home,

smoke from the chimney.

There will be no tomorrow.

Rotten beams

cannot withstand the pressure of time.

In the crooked house

a hunched woman

– waits.


It's like it used to be,

out there behind the house flows a river.

Only now

the children do not have time to look at old age.


Time took away youth

– like the night takes away the evening.


There is no longer smoke from the chimney,

no chimney,

and there behind the house

still flows a river.


© Eliza Segiet



Eliza Segiet – Master's Degree graduate in Philosophy, completed postgraduate studies in Cultural Knowledge, Philosophy, Arts and Literature at Jagiellonian University, as well as Film and Television Production in Lodz. Torn between poetry and drama. Likes to look into the clouds, but keeps both feet on the ground. Her heart is close to the thought of Schopenhauer: "Ordinary people merely think how they shall 'spend' their time; a man of talent tries to 'use' it".

Author's works can be found in anthologies and literary magazines in Poland and abroad (Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Israel, Canada, Kosovo, Singapore, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, USA, United Kingdom).