Walk in the Snow

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Written by Lloyd Wayne Russel
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Camera in hand, heart in the snow,

strolling down, sludge and pavement

aligned dreams.


The ravens have retreated from

the dead, skeletal trees, and in the grey skies,

they no longer hover, ominous.


There’s a house on the hill, uninhabited,

it looms over the world like a ghost,

a tumor, malignant in the skull.


A car almost sideswipes me,  life flicked,

then flashed before my eyes; I remember

my children, I pray to God to forgive me,

for the sins that have committed, that have

wrecked mine and so many others lives.


I walk alone in the snow, it’s so cold,

a sparrow sputters, half frozen in seemingly

motionless flight, across my path; I can see

in its eyes, it fears death, yet I do not.


Behind me? There are only, one set

of footprints, it confirms what I knew all along.


Lloyd Wayne Russel - Ohio, United States 


Wayne Russell is a creative writer and amateur photographer from Tampa, Florida. Wayne's work has been published in many journals  and magazines, in The Literary Hatchet, Black Poppy Review, PPP Ezine to name a few. He's the founder of  Degenerate Literature, which is recently gone into a temporary hiatus.