Free Will

Somewhere beyond the moon,
demons gather,
translucent and beautiful
they are perjurious and frenzied adherents
to their hollow doctrine
their collective articles of faith
devoid of admirable quality
their sect, en masse, expecting piety
because they are splendid looking.
Such paralyzing glamour
versus our ungainly bodies
yet we possess the greater cosmic power,
that of our own spiritual liberty.
©  Linda Imbler, Wichita - United States
Linda Imbler is the author of the published poetry collections “Big Questions, Little Sleep”  and “Lost and Found.”  She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize Nominee. 
Her work has appeared in numerous national and international journals. Linda’s creative process and a current, complete listing of publications can be found at 

Poetry by Alberto Quero

Prayers of the Anxious One  (1)


Grant me, O Lord, the gift of forgetfulness, of renunciation and remoteness.

Bless me with the amplest transparency, the most ubiquitous,

with what postpones and substitutes,

with all that flows in silence and is remote as a sundown.

Allow me to go back, as in my dreams,

to those temples, transparent and aerial,

full of indecipherable codices before the eyes of the profane,

so that I can be anointed as a knight and a hermit.

For thine is the kingdom, and the stairs that ascend towards the night,

towards the star that seals my real essence,

thine is the amethyst which I have built my secret talisman with

and the triangle I draw with a shaky and expectant hand.


Eternal rest grant unto me, O Lord

in this life and the next,

world without end.


© Alberto Quero


1) This text was published, in Italian and Spanish, on Progetto Sette Lune, (2016, No. 14), a website directed by

poets Silvia Favaretto and Daniele Rubin. ( The English version has never been published.


Two Roads

I stood near two roads in a summerly forest

and could not decide.

Which one should I take?

I did not know.

So I stood first in silence and listened to birds,

looked up to the sky,

how happy it sounds,

and the sun was burning my face.

I stood there for long,

let my eyes wander,

looked along the roads,

first one, then the other.

The roads seemed would meet,

but I was not sure,

remained silently first

and listened to birdsongs.

The roads in front were bathed in sunlight,

both looked the same,

but they were not.

One had clear signs

of hiking boots, of trodden down grass,

the other was in fresh green,

surrounded by birches and oaks.

Now my decision was suddenly clear.

How could I have doubted before?

The more traveled was the one to follow,

but weird,

I could hardly realize,

the longer I stood there in silence.

It even seemed

that the other road was not to see anymore,

and suddenly disappeared before my eyes

like a Fata Morgana

on desert sand


© Gert Knop, Zittau - Germany



Gert W. Knop was born in 1943, studied arts and tropical agriculture and is now living in Zittau, Germany. He writes poetry and short stories in German, English and Spanish.



Find me

If one day you look for me and you can't find me anymore, 

look into the poems that I wrote to you, you'll find me there.


Close your eyes and feel me,

as I left a piece of my soul 

in every letter, in every word.


Look for me in a Dandelion 

In a rainy day, In a pristine white rose 

In a cloudy sky, In our beautiful full moon

In a thunderstorm, In our favorite song 

In a crimson red dress


Find me in your dreams

Feel me in your coldest night


I will look for you In a lonely night

In the core of my soul In a golden star

In our favorite song In the sound of the rain 

In every tear I shed, one by one until

there is no more, no more you, no more I,

no more us.


I will go quietly without interrupting your silence


If one day you remember me and you can not find me 

do not look for me anymore this time I left to never return.


Perhaps our love will fade like the words in

my old book of poems, Or perhaps it will rise

from the ashes with flaming wings of a

Phoenix into eternity.


So I will always treasure our loving memories in

the shattered petals of a pristine white rose.


© Blanca Alicia Garza, Las Vegas - United States


Blanca Alicia Garza is a Poet from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a nature and animal lover. Her poems are published in several Anthologies and can be found in venues such as The Poet Community, Whispers Journal, The Winamop Journal, Indiana Voice Journal, Tuck Magazine, Raven's Cage Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Review as well as the Birdsong Anthology 2016, Vol 1. Blanca was recently nominated for The Best of the Net 2017.


Seagulls at Night

A twilight canvas 
barren of light 
prelude to the masterpiece 
hovers unseen 
upon desolate skies 
waiting to be fashioned. 

Out of darkness 
they emerge 
white winged choreographers 
painting circles 
and breeding life. 

Seagulls at Night soar 
a free form phenomenon.

© Joanne Olivieri, San Francisco - United States



Joanne Olivieri is a San Francisco native.  She is a published poet and photographer. Her poems are published in numerous magazines and ezines. Her poem, "Symphony of Lights", was chosen as one of the Entries in the initial round of the Cathay Pacific Airways - 100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong contest, July 2007-. She won a round-trip ticket to Hong Kong for her winning entry.