When I grasp
a hand full of bitterness
Larded with
profound frustration
spice it with
some irascible anger
I made myself
a hazardous bomb
Splinters of injustice
followed by
shards of hatred
will fiercely strike
Thousands of innocent victims
shall be afflicted
A prevention is available
for this kind of explosive
It's called 'Tolerance'.

 first published Poet Community


© Daginne Aignend




Path of the Heart



I loved to watch her

when she made those eyes

She started with the upper eyelid,

painting the lash line in black

that ended in a sharp wing

A true piece of Art


I tried to make those eyes

on my dolls with a felt-tip pen,

messing up their beautiful dollfaces

My later experiments to create

an equal mother's eyes-like

aesthetic appearance,

ended up in dark cloths and spots

 I finally acknowledged I would

 never reach this state of perfection


 My mom told me today how proud

 she always has been of me

 We're not much alike my child, she said

 but you really have my eyes


© Daginne Aignend



The tears of Empathy

quenches the thirsty stones

of the desolate mind

from  the withered creature

called Loneliness.


Loneliness, hesitant,

starts to lick the saline liquid

First, of the smallest pebbles

A droplet of Hope is seeping through

the cracked surface,

as suddenly Greed arrives

Greed overwhelms Loneliness,

make its fibers swell

until they explode


Pleasant streams

of comforting Silence mingled

with calm Serenity

Endings in a total nothing


© Daginne Aignend