Mirum est Aqua

Category: Poetry & Sayings
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Written by Daginne Aignend
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You're a water rat, a real Rakali

That's how my dad used to call me
My little mermaid, quick as a waterfall

One day, I went to the forest lake at Mount Vertany
Seeing the butterflies playing tag, a multicolor motley
The sweet scent of berries, want to taste them all

Wild Jasmine and Honeysuckle exhale their perfume
I almost expect a little hobbit to appear behind the old oak tree
Harvesting all those delicious products of nature the forest yields

So peaceful, as in a magical  fairytale, I presume
Why do I still feel something ominous is approaching me
Observed by hidden eyes, crawling through the fields

The rippling wavelets have a soothing hypnotic glare
What is that, moving under the tranquil surface
God help me! PANIC!!, something is pulling me under

I CAN'T BREATHE, wrestling to get out of here
Silver blond hair, a supernatural beautiful race
A gorgeous woman with a fish tail, a wonder

Burning lungs, blackened view, I'm going to die
A gasp for air ... I'm breathing ... breathing under water!
Astounded of those enchanting, aesthetic senses

As the platinum lady whispers, please don't decry
You don't have to worry, you really don't need to bother
I just want to show you your ancestral inheritance

When I returned at my safe little cottage in the hamlet
I was overwhelmed by melancholy of what I saw out there
A feeling of consolation, peacefulness, devoid of fear

That night it was late when I finally went to bed
Whilst combing my moist long silver blonde hair
I smiled when I discovered the tiny little gills behind my ears

© Daginne Aignend