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Written by Daginne Aignend
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A reliable hard worker, punctual and committed,

as loyal as a golden retriever

He came into the firm fifty years ago,

a lot changed since then

Words as computers, cell phones or emails

weren't even invented

He adjusted into every new situation, compliant


Only one thing fulfilled him with

a wholehearted disgust




He used giving his client an honest advice,

how to invest and increase their savings

Now, he has to sell them

unnecessary insurances and

lead them into the dangerous

insecurity of the stock exchange

An embroiled financial jungle


The day of his retirement arrives

He looks forward spending some time

with the wife and visit his grandchildren

To enjoy the little things in life again


His wife found his lifeless body

in his favorite armchair.

In the end, the 'de-stress factor'

grimly 'targeted' him.