Staring out my window
Rain steadily sheds its grief
Same as the weeping in my heart...

How could I ever know
The pain only would increase
Should have ignored you from  the start

Slowly you gained my trust
Thought our love would last a hundred years
I gave you everything, gave you all

Your indifference caused a cloudburst
Of an everlasting flood of tears
Condemned me to a downcast downfall

© Daginne Aignend


Santa's poem

Such a sweet old man
At least, they told me so
Squeezing my bum was when...
I screamed: Santa HO HO NOOO !!

© Daginne Aignend

Soul Searching


Reasonless thoughts, restless imagination
They deluge my mind
Causing an infinite deterioration...
A catatonic existence of some kind

Chaotic acting, Panic attack
Delusions are emerging
Time to get my senses back
Time for some serious soul-searching

© Daginne Aignend


Nothing left


All you left was a ruin
You left me battered and bruised
Deprived me from what I thought was genuine...
I felt worthless, squeezed and used

As you sit here in tears and misery
Totally heart-broken and blue
Nothing is left of what you meant to me
I only feel a vehement disdain for you

© Daginne Aignend


Lost world

What is happening in this world
Do we wallow in negativity
This acid spitting sarcasm...
Participate in a hate discovery

I feel I’m commiting a crime
To believe in some kindness, in the end
All I receive is trenchant derision
So I rather stay in my own fairyland

© Daginne Aignend