Medusa's Revenge

My beauty will seduce you
Extricating your restive seed
I shall prevail over wisdom...
Taste the revenge of Medusa’s breed

© Daginne Aignend


I won’t concede

In this grim and ghastly dungeon
Touched by creatures, repellent..
Penetrated by the malodor of brimstone
I bide for my judgment

Refused to acknowledge the sovereign
This tyrant, where malevolent starts
In his revolting prison, I shall detain
I only accept one ruler, my king of hearts

© Daginne Aignend



Holding On

In the shimmering twilight

I walk the streets alone

Drifting without a purpose

Sounds seems to drone

Inside this dreary tavern

I drink some cheap wine

Drinking without savor

Hope the pain will decline

A friendly face smiling

One advice I want to give

Listen to this old man’s words

Live girl, you got to live!!


© Daginne Aignend



Deep inside the Woods of Mercy
The King of Repentance reigns
Bow your knee for this Ruler...
And merely Purity remains

Into the Den of Treason
The foul Dragon resides
Bow your knee for this Guile
In it’s shadow Treachery hides

Deceitful seduction is evil’s heir
Be vigilant, Beware …..

© Daginne Aignend


She is

She's a Madonna
She's a Cougar 
She's an Angel in disguise
Someday you're gonna
Taste her sugar
Maybe even taste it twice
> © Daginne Aignend