Sometimes I feel so peacefully
And call a place my home
Then a sudden twist of fate floods me
Forces me to wander and roam

No matter where I peregrinate
A restless search for a space to live
I always seem to be the unanchored 
I’ll always be a fugitive


© Daginne Aignend

Mercenary’s strife


Marching through the battlefield
The mercenary is on his way
Reigned by sword and shield...
Into the vanguard’s world of decay

Fighting with a fierce bedevilment
Determined to destroy enemy life
He won’t admit nor comprehend

 The discord of his mental strife

© Daginne Aignend





  Don't fall in love with me
  You will be destroyed
  I play with you for a little while...
  And then I get annoyed

  Don't think that I will change
  You're just a little joy
  I will use you for a little while
  Then grab another toy

  Don't you ever mean
  You need me more, no less
  I will burn you down
  Slowly, cold and ruthless


© Daginne Aignend





The power within


   Defeated, no inner force
  Weakened, emotionally frozen
  Living without a cause...
  Lost on the path I have chosen

  Breathing deeply, a new sight
  Surrender feels like sin
  Won’t give up without a fight
  Emerged by the power within


© Daginne Aignend


Where are You

You're like a lost treasure

 I can't seem to find You

 Sometimes I see a shadow of

 What might be


 You're like a far wish

 Halo of flames all around You

 And when I want to touch

 It just burns me ...


© Daginne Aignend