Still I'm Sad

I really thought you and me

We had a love, so pure

We used to fly in our fantasy...

Now I'm not so sure

I really believed in you and me

Together we were so strong

Embraced the Universe until infinity

What on Earth went wrong


Extinct dreams

Disillusion rules

Our blissful path, as it seems

Became the trail of Fools


Wistful about the future we never had

I leave it all behind

But still I'm sad


© Daginne Aignend


Heart of glass

 I feel

 I'm made out of glass

 When you touch me

 I seem to be hard


 But when you drop me

 Like you just did

 I really

 fall apart`


© Daginne Aignend


Scent of Roses


Scent of Roses

  He could still smell the scent of Roses

  As fragile as a Springs Rain

  Remembering all those Loving Moments

  Moments that will never happen again


  She left without a reason

  This unbearable pain in his chest

  All that's left is the scent of Roses

  The one and only Bittersweet Harvest


 © Daginne Aignend



Evil Woman


  I got two faces

  On a different level

  One's wrapped in sweet laces

  The other is pure Evil


  Promised you all

  Then I draw the line

  Laughing seeing you fall

  Watching your decline


  Giving you my lovin' smile

  While I let you burn

  Just play with you for a while

  For you, there's NO return


© Daginne Aignend



Daginne's secret


Oeeehhhh I'm thirsty
I'm the alabaster Brood
Oehhhhh I'm hungry
Lickerish for your Blood


 © Daginne Aignend


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